Non-invasive, Saliva-based, revolutionary.

ENDIMETRIX™ boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 94% in endometriosis detection, providing a reliable and effective diagnostic solution.

We envision a future where women are swiftly and accurately diagnosed, enabling them to reclaim their health and lead fuller, better lives.

Over the course of thirteen years, our tireless dedication has driven us to meticulously evaluate various facets of product development. We have navigated the intricate terrain of research, innovation, and collaboration to bring forth a transformative solution.
Our unwavering unity centers on a shared objective: to enhance the lives of girls and women grappling with endometriosis. We firmly believe that every woman should have the opportunity to live a fuller, healthier life, unencumbered by the challenges of this condition.
In pursuit of this mission, we stand shoulder to shoulder with esteemed medical professionals and distinguished scientists, forging a dynamic partnership that spans both Norway and the United States. Together, we are catalyzing a paradigm shift in how endometriosis is understood, diagnosed, and managed.