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Our History

Diagnostrix is a Femtech joint venture of Oratel Diagnostics (USA) & Biolink Group (Norway), committed to improving lives of girls and women around the world. The areas of business in Biolink Group AS are Biotech R&D within Life Science and Sustainable Environment.

Biolink Group was founded by Sjur Svaboe in Sandnes, Norway in 1999. Whose experience in biotech industry traces its roots back to more than 40 years, with a strong history of providing innovative products to patients worldwide. Among other things, he developed a patented diagnostic system “Nycocard” for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which is currently installed in over 35,000 doctor’s offices around the world. The unique technology is affordable for low resource countries. During the last 20 years Biolink Group has become  a world leader within applications utilizing anthocyanins.

Biolink Group has continued to expand through manufacturing, research and development, and partnerships across various global markets. After many years of successful partnership the group formed a joint venture with Oratel Diagnositcs, based in New York, USA. The area of expertise of Oratel Diagnostics was to develop cost effective, diagnostic tests for reproductive health issues. Founded by Dorothee Goldman, the company has made several discoveries and established a hypothesis about endometriosis diagnostic, which is now being developed into a technology by Diagnostrix.

Diagnostrix was established in 2020, with a main goal to create access to early diagnosis for Endometriosis. A disease affecting quality of life of more than 10% of all the women in reproductive age worldwide. The spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and caring for lives that our founders have in common, defines our culture, our business and our contributions to medical innovation.

Our team is presented by:

Kristian Larsen. CEO. Founder and Board member of Biolink Group AS, 20+ years of business establishment and business development experience.
Mariana Tokvi Eiane. M.D., M.H.Sc. Research & Development Leader. 10+ Years of experience in healthcare management and pharmaceuticals.

Dorothee Goldman. B.S. Biology, University of Oregon
Co-Founder. Inventor of four issued patents for diagnosing fertility issues, including endometriosis. 20+ years of experience in research and pigment chemistry.

Craig Laramee. PhD in Bioengineering and Data Analysis, 20+ years of experience in statistical analysis and data science. CTO.

“Making endometriosis diagnostic affordable”

Dorothee F. Goldman

Research and Development