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Closing the gender gap in medical research

A fortuitous discovery led the inventor of ENDIMETRIX to observe that a combination of certain pigments gives a blue color when upon contact with saliva from a healthy woman with no endometriosis, but no parallel process occurs in assays from women with endometriosis. Continous research and development based on this exciting observation suggested a rapid, non-invasive diagnostic for endometriosis could be developed as a simple color-indicator test of saliva samples. Indeed, the ability of the basic color-change assay to distinguish women with and without endometriosis has been repeatable, and tests on women who provided samples in the follicular phase, yielded an endometriosis test with 94% specificity. 

Preliminary tests with promising results have been performed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard University) in 2017. In November, 2021 we have successfully finished one more preliminary observation at BWH and are looking forward to the next year with an aim of cross-country clinical trial in order to finalise the clinical data and proceed with manufacturing of a product which we believe will improve women’s health world-wide.

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